Veterinary technicians and technologists spend years learning, training and honing their skills. But they have more than just credentials after their name. Their empathy and compassion comfort animals in need. Their kind words help to ease clients’ fears. Their strong work ethic ensures that every client and patient receives the care and attention they need.

Without their knowledge, skills and dedication, the rest of our teams could not do what they do every day.

If you have taken your pet to your local vet, it’s very likely that an RVT was involved in their care. And along with the medical care they received, they were likely exposed to many snuggles and kisses. So take a moment to say a kind word or show a gesture of gratitude. They will appreciate it more than you know.

Rather than listing all their daily tasks, some of our RVTs have shared their stories (read below).

What Our RVTs Are Saying

“Nothing is more rewarding than saving the life of an animal, caring for them while they recover, and watching them light up when they are finally reunited with their loved ones.”

Monique Leblanc, RVT
Riverview Animal Hospital

The inspiration and journey into the veterinary industry started with my dog, Veruca. Every time we went to the vet, the passion and dedication the technicians showed towards my dog was heartwarming. During those visits, it became evident that becoming a veterinary technician would also be my career path.

After graduating from Oulton College in 2014, I joined Riverview Animal Hospital. Regardless of how busy this 24-hour emergency and referral hospital gets, the staff members work as a team, supporting one another through all the challenges and triumphs. Whether a patient visits us for an emergency or simply a vaccine appointment, a veterinary technician is involved every step of the way.

Some of my daily duties include: talking with our clients to gather preliminary history of their furry family member, discussing nutrition, taking vitals, drawing blood, processing tests, conducting X-rays and CT scans, preparing for surgery, filling prescriptions, making client follow-up calls, discharging patients, and ensuring that clients understand the doctor’s instructions. We are the superheroes of multi-tasking!

“I am fortunate to be in a position where I can help ill and injured pets return to their regular lifestyle so they can enjoy long and healthy lives.”

Jillian Porter, RVT
PetFocus Veterinary Hospital – Bedford South

As a veterinary technician whose primary focus is orthopedics, I find my job highly rewarding. My typical day is divided between surgery and appointments. In the morning, I am admitting surgical patients, inducing and maintaining general anesthesia and pain management, keeping meticulous records, and helping with recovery. In the afternoon, I am aiding the veterinarian in examinations, follow-up appointments, diagnostics and treatment plans. Not only do I love providing care for the patients, but their owners as well. Often times, complex orthopedic surgeries can be daunting and I take great pride in educating our clients about procedures and guiding them through the necessary rehabilitation.

I am grateful to work with veterinarians who approach anesthesia, pain management, and treatment plans with a collaborative mindset. Every veterinarian I work with respects my knowledge, experience, and input on a patient’s well-being. Working in a team-oriented environment, we all understand that despite our different roles, we all have the same goals – to prevent disease, to heal the injured, and to ensure a high quality of life for our patients.

Why did you choose the veterinary industry?

“I chose this field of study because I love animals. Even at an early age in elementary school, everybody always thought that I would end up working in a vet office or an SPCA.”

Lesley Glendenning, RVT
Riverview Animal Hospital

“I love the medicine aspect of it, the physiology, learning how they run and how close cats and dogs are to humans. It’s fascinating. I love the animal-human bond that we see everyday in pets and their parents. I think it’s amazing and I love being part of it.”

Amanda Glass, RVT
Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital

“Having grown up with animals, I became passionate about working with and helping them. I started in this profession in the veterinary assistant position. I then decided that I wanted to be more hands-on and to work in more of a surgical aspect. I went back to school, did the veterinary technician program and now here I am.”

Samantha Strickland, RVT
PetFocus – PetWorks Veterinary Hospital