Common Misconceptions & FAQs

As a practice owner, you have many questions and concerns when it comes to selling your practice. There are many misconceptions around what it means to partner with a corporation. We want to open the lines of communication to shed light on what makes our community different.

Misconception #1


They will change the way I practice medicine.

We believe in leaving the medicine to our medical teams, allowing them the freedom to do what they think is right for their patients.

Misconception #2


The culture of my clinic will change.

We understand the importance of your clinic’s unique brand and local recognition and we prioritize preserving what makes your clinic special. Your brand and individuality matter to us.

Misconception #3


All my staff will quit if I sell to a corporation.

Change is often a scary thing, but we found that the transition is usually a positive one for employees. It helps with simplifying the workload and allows them to focus on practicing first rate medicine.

Misconception #4


I’m too young and not ready to sell my clinic and retire.

We offer many flexible partnership options, where you can continue practicing medicine. You will benefit from administrative and managerial support and have more time to focus on what matters most to you.

Most owners don’t know what they’re missing. It’s a misconception that you won’t have a say in your practice if you partner. I don’t feel that. I just have more time to spend on my patients, with my wife and kids and getting back to hobbies like playing more golf.

Dr. Anil Sharma

Tranquille Road Animal Hospital
Kamloops, British Columbia

Partnered in 2021

Man standing

I looked at quite a few criteria: a company that would carry on the legacy of Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital with professionalism and a commitment and dedication to my staff and the community. That’s when I found VetStrategy…

Dr. Lisa Lomsnes

Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital
Red Deer, Alberta

Partnered in 2014

Woman standing