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Why Partner With Us

You take care of animals. We take care of you.

For veterinary practice owners looking for a partner, our goal is to help them achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. We make this possible by providing our veterinary teams with the necessary support and resources—as much or little, as required—so they can focus on what matters most.

Top 5 reasons practice owners have chosen us

By partnering with us, you gain a multitude of advantages that include preserving your hospital’s unique culture, accessing top talent, fostering team growth, receiving comprehensive administrative support, and evolving your processes and systems to enhance efficiency for your team. Our model guarantees clinic independence while centralizing functions and services, enabling you to prioritize delivering high-quality care with unwavering focus.

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Preserving Practice Individuality

We understand that the success of practices within our network is deeply rooted in their unique philosophies and reputations within their communities. We value the individuality of each practice and are committed to avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. When you partner with us, your clients will experience a seamless transition without any noticeable changes.


While evolving your workplace with exciting projects, we will ensure that your practice name and visual identity, remain unchanged, fostering continuity and maintaining the trust you have established. Over time, we will implement new systems improving communications with your clients and supporting your teams with maintaining engagement with their clients.

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Maintaining Medical Freedom

We value your medical team’s expertise and respect your individual approach. While we provide comprehensive resources to support your clinics in delivering exceptional care, we prioritize your autonomy in making medical decisions. Your patients will continue to benefit from your professional judgment and unique approach to healthcare.

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Finding The Right Talent

Our dedicated talent acquisition team is made up of a unique group of veterinarians, RVTs, industry professionals, and experts who understand the many recruitment challenges in the industry and the immediate needs of our hospitals. Our approach is quite simple – we’re about people-first. We know how important it is to get to know the candidate as a person and learn about their goals, no matter how big or small. When there’s a fit, we’ll go the extra mile to find the right opportunity within our community, while supporting them every step of the way.

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Growth Opportunities For Team Members

We strongly believe in providing all team members with opportunities to grow and develop in their careers. Whether through continuing education or enhanced roles and responsibilities, a rewarding workplace is one of our priorities.

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Administrative And Management Support

Everything we do from a management perspective is done to gain trust and improve client service. Whether it is our commitment to responsible pricing, our client appreciation events, or our online stores and telemedicine services, we want to ensure that clients’ needs are met. Our success comes from supporting the teams in our hospitals.

Supporting Our Hospitals

Support Office Functional Teams

We deliver operational and financial management support for clinics through our field support teams and head office colleagues. When your hospital staff needs advice or support, we are here to help.

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Talent Recruitment

Dedicated to supporting our clinic and head office teams to attract and hire top talent.

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National & Field Operations

Provide the day-to-day support necessary to develop hospitals and allow our teams to focus on delivering excellent patient and client care.

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Business Development

Provide practice owners with valuable insights on current industry trends and offer direction for practice preparation and transition planning.

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HR People Team

Dedicated to all aspects of an employee’s journey, from recruitment, onboarding, continuing education, and career development.

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Marketing & Communications

Support hospitals with graphic design services, website maintenance and enhancement, social media advice, and marketing program management.

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Corporate Development

Facilitate a smooth acquisition process from valuation to closing, while managing risk, negotiations, communication, and capital requirements.

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Deliver comprehensive finance support services to hospitals, including administration of payroll, accounts payable, accounting, taxes, and financial reporting.

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Practice Transition

Provide guidance and support to clinics and hospitals joining our network by assisting with transition activities such as accounts, payroll, banking, and training.

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Real Estate & Facilities

Support hospitals with leasing, landlord relationships, building maintenance and repairs, renovations, and the purchase of equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

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Systems & IT

Provide set up, training and support of hardware and networking infrastructure to ensure hospitals have the required technology to deliver excellent service.

For me, as well as my partners, it was a matter of getting the help we needed but maintaining the culture we developed. VetStrategy was very different in that there was a mandate to preserve culture. Maintaining this culture and taking care of my staff were really the most important things.

Dr. Kathleen Norman

Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Peterborough, Ontario

Partnered in 2021

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Now things are so much better, as the business is structured in a way that I don’t have to do everything. It’s amazing when you have more time for your patients how much more enjoyable it is. I also have more time with my family. I can coach rugby and go skiing more often without constantly worrying about the practice.

Dr. Andy Mencarelli

Didsbury Veterinary Services
Didsbury, Alberta

Partnered in 2019

Man smiling