Morinville Veterinary Clinic featured in St. Albert Gazette

August 8, 2013

VetStrategy’s Morinville Veterinary Clinic featured in St. Albert Gazette

On Wednesday, August 7th VetStrategy’s Morinville Veterinary Clinic in Morinville, Alberta was featured in a neighbouring town’s local newspaper, The St. Albert Gazette.

The St. Albert Gazette is a twice-weekly publication out of St. Albert, AB about 20 kms south of Morinville. The two towns share certain rural aspects and they also have another commonality: homeless cats.

Morinville Veterinary Clinic is a large facility and has had the capability to take in most strays in the Town of Morinville. However, the town seems to be infinitely filled with a number of cats ending up without a place to live. Morinville Vet Clinic has always been committed to caring for and safely re-homing any stray, feral or homeless animal that comes through their door however, with the amount of cats becoming overwhelming at times, clinic staff have opted to focus on a more proactive approach: advocacy for local adoption.

Morinville Veterinary Clinic has teamed up with another local organization: The Hervey Foundation for Cats. The Hervey Foundation and MVC share many of the same values, therefore the partnership has come as a natural one. The two have committed to each other that they will work together to re-home as many felines in the area as possible and have a positive outlook on how their partnership will increase or, at minimum, steady adoption numbers.

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