Every day, our teams face challenging decisions when advising clients on treatment options. That is never more challenging than when a patient presents a treatable condition, but an owner cannot cover the cost.

We will likely encounter these situations more often as we face challenging economic times. That is why VetStrategy and Daubigny, in partnership with IVC Evidensia, are launching the IVC Evidensia Care Fund. Established by IVC Evidensia in 2020, the fund is an annual program intended to offer support for those animals where a simple solution could make a huge difference.


What does the program entail? 

The fund’s purpose is to support your team in providing the best possible care to assist pets and owners in difficult times.

  • Each vet employed by VetStrategy and Daubigny (e.g. part-time, full-time, interns, specialists) has access to an allotment of $1,500.00 Canadian per fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) to help pets by supporting owners facing financial challenges.
  • Patients likely to benefit from the fund should have a good prognosis and be unlikely to represent an ongoing cost to the owner.
  • Vets are welcome to use their funding allotment to support several patients, focus on one, or pool their allotment with another vet in their clinic.
  • Accessing the fund requires no approval from IVC; however, Practice Managers need to work with the vet to complete a Claim Form following the treatment.
  • The IVC Evidensia Care Fund is not intended to replace the Oscar Fund, but rather to complement it.

Care Fund Success Stories

Check out the links below to read about the patients our teams have helped so far!

  • Lucy, a 10-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog in Ontario
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