In 22 communities from coast to coast, Home Office team members joined forces to support food banks and community meal programs in a big way throughout the month of February.

Collectively, over 550 hours were spent sorting and distributing canned goods, packing food hampers, or making a hot meal for community members in need.

In Halifax, team members prepared and served a hot stew to 70 community members alongside Daily Bread Outreach. In Ottawa, members of the team supported Parkdale Food Centre’s Mino’Weesini program. Mino’Weesini is an Algonquin term meaning ‘good eats’ and the transformative power of sharing good food. On the West coast, team members gave back with CityReach, Vancouver’s largest fresh food bank, which provides nutritious food support to 3,000 individuals every week.

“Through initiatives like our Home Office give back activity and the Holiday Food Drive, which saw more than 120 clinics donate close to 20,000 lbs to local food banks, we’re truly bringing the Positive Pawprint strategy to life. By addressing food insecurity in our communities through meaningful activities, our team members are making a real difference. I’m inspired by the dedication and commitment of colleagues from coast to coast looking to make our communities a better place to live and work – thank you!” – Orin Litman, CEO.

Group of people smiling sorting food

“This volunteer event was a great opportunity to make a difference in our community! It was also an opportunity to spend time with our colleagues in a different context where respect, mutual aid, and happiness reigned!” – Élodie Ouellet, Regional Captain.

Group of people smiling holding boxes

“When I walked into the Airdrie Food Bank for my volunteer time I was greeted with welcoming smiles. It’s humbling to be in the presence of so much need and so much kindness in the form of the volunteers who dedicate portions of their life to making our world a better place. Our effort to help was welcomed and appreciated, reiterating that a gesture, no matter how small, can make a difference in the lives of others. It was an eye-opening opportunity to understand the volume of need, time, and resources that are required to help those less fortunate, especially in the economy today. It was a wonderful experience that made me grateful for what I have and more aware of how I can help, even just in small ways, going forward. – Candice Lachner, Nutrition Coach.

Thank you to all team members who contributed to a successful first give back activity!

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