Community Involvement


At VetStrategy, we encourage and support our hospitals to be involved with their local community and help people and pets in need. Across the country, our hospital teams organize donation drives, host in-clinic fundraisers, hold educational events, work closely with their local SPCA, and help pets find loving homes.

As an organization, we proudly sponsor a variety of industry events that fundraise, educate, recognize, and celebrate people in the veterinary industry. We are not only a community of veterinary professionals, but also a community of animal lovers who pay it forward to our clients, patients, and people.

image of sleepy cat


The OSCAR Fund is a charitable account managed by each individual hospital to be used for pets in that hospital’s community. Established in 2012, OSCAR stands for “Offering Subsidized Care for Animal Recovery”.

The history behind the OSCAR Fund

It all began in 2002 with a visit to the local SPCA branch in Comox Valley, British Columbia. The team at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital in Courtenay adopted a cat named Oscar, who quickly became their clinic greeter. He adapted quickly to his new role and environment, and had a special gift of knowing when a little compassion was needed for both clients and patients alike.

In 2012, the team decided to start a charitable fund to help sick or injured pets in need, which they appropriately named the OSCAR Fund. Unfortunately, Oscar passed away in 2013, but his namesake lives on across the country, having become our national support fund across all VetStrategy hospitals.

In 2018, raised over $110,000 to support local shelters community programs & pets in need.

Each VetStrategy hospital is in charge of managing their OSCAR Fund. In addition to collecting general donations, local fundraising initiatives over the past years have included selling OSCAR-themed chocolate bars, pet photos with Santa, nail trims, bake sales, garage sales and community barbecues, to name a few.

Commitment to community is very important to us. Through the OSCAR Fund and support of other local animal organizations, we want to make a difference in the lives of those who provide unconditional love, each and every day.