The Community Grants Program offers clinics the opportunity to apply for funding to support local charities of their choice. This past quarter (January – March 2023), VetStrategy and IVC Evidensia provided community grants totalling $12,000 to 8 clinics. They each chose which charities to allocate the donation to. As part of the Positive Pawprint initiative, these grants are a way for clinics to show support to the community and make a meaningful impact on those who need it most.

“Our team was moved by Centre d’Entraide d’Argenteuil’s work. We learned more about the exceptional members’ work and our community’s genuine need. It’s heartwarming to do our part with the understanding that there’s so much need for support to help our community through hard times.” – Mélissa Beaulne, Clinical Director, Hôpital vétérinaire Lachute

The list of successful applicants in Q2 (January-March 2023) were:

  1. Gateway Pet Hospital (Kitchener, ON) – $1,500 to Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice
  2. Hôpital vétérinaire du Haut-Richelieu (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC) – $500 to Les Aristopattes, $500 to Chiots Nordiques, and $500 to Production de l’étoile
  3. Clinique vétérinaire Saint-André (Acton Vale, QC) – $1,500 to Centre de Bénévolat Acton-Vale
  4. Hôpital vétérinaire Lachute (Lachute, QC) – $1,500 to Centre d’Entraide d’Argenteuil
  5. Clinique vétérinaire du Littoral inc. (Rimouski, QC) – $500 to Centre de prévention du suicide et d’intervention de crise du Bas-St-Laurent, $500 to SPA du Littoral, and $500 to La Débrouille
  6. Clinique vétérinaire les Jardins de Napierville (Napierville, QC) – $1,500 to Société canadienne du cancer
  7. Clinique vétérinaire Saint-Nicolas (Saint-Nicolas, QC) – $1,500 to SPA Ville de Lévis (Société protectrice des animaux)
  8. Halifax Veterinary Hospital (Halifax, NS) – $1,500 to CNIB Foundation



More To Come

As part of our commitment to the Positive Pawprint strategy, we will continue to offer the Community Grant to clinics year-round to support our purpose of promoting Healthy Animals, Happy Owners. This will help our clinics champion local charities of their choice and give back to those in need! We appreciate our clinics’ continued dedication to support our mission.

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