Throughout the month, we’ve been moved by our colleagues who are inspiring inclusion – the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day. As part of our celebrations, we are highlighting women from within our network who through their actions and leadership, are making a positive impact on colleagues, patients, and clients.

We are pleased to share with you our second group of nominees as part of the Group’s inspirational women campaign. If you missed our first article, read it here.

Gisella Tuason
National Director, Integrations & Central Services | Support Office
Nominator: Michelle Okeya

Gisella is easily one of the best leaders I have had the opportunity to work with. She is intelligent and inspiring and truly knows how to bring the best out of people. I have nothing short of respect and admiration for this incredible woman.

Cindy Luniw-Adsit
Veterinary Technician | Morinville Veterinary Clinic
Nominator: Jaide Lammeren

Cindy has been working for the Morinville Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years. She is the hardest worker I’ve met. Cindy always shows up for her shifts on time with a smile on her face and a helping hand, even after teaching her students. She is a proud mother of two boys, one of which she did not see for 3 years as he was living abroad with his wife. Everyone at Morinville Vet Clinic – staff and clients – love Cindy and her wonderful stories. Cindy loves to run marathons and watch Farming for Love. She is a light at our clinic, and I am honored to work with her and have someone like Cindy in my life.

Caroline Villeneuve
Talent Acquisition Partner (DVM) | Support Office
Nominator: Valérie Paquet

Caroline, a former RVT and Practice Manager, now excels as our Talent Acquisition Partner. With a deep understanding and genuine passion for the veterinary field, she skillfully bridges the needs of vet students and clinics, ensuring a perfect fit for both. Caroline’s unique perspective, stemming from her hands-on experience in a clinic, enriches her heart-driven approach to the challenging task of recruitment in the vet industry. Her enthusiasm and positivity are not just infectious but a testament to her dedication to fostering growth and excellence within our community.

Amy Butler
Senior Manager, Campus Engagement | Support Office
Nominator: Christy Farr

Amy happens to be my manager, but that is not why I’m nominating her! She is also the person I work closest with at VetStrategy… also not the reason, but lucky me! I know from chatting socially as well (because she always has a great way of balancing getting work done and socializing) that she has a very busy family life as well. She juggles a lot at the same time professionally and personally and deserves to be recognized. She’s the proud mother of 2 daughters, who she speaks highly of all the time. Sadly, she had to put her family dog down a few months ago and that was very difficult, as it is never easy. As an experienced veterinarian she cares about how current DVM students are doing and empathizes with what they are going through in vet school. I’ve attended many campus events alongside Amy and have seen first-hand how she makes time and effort to build relationships with vet students. Despite juggling so much, she still has compassion left over for me, her direct report. I’ve never felt more supported by a leader in my career this far.

Amélie Pach
SVP, Central Services and Clinic Support | Support Office
Nominator: Vanessa Vasilogianis

You’re truly an incredible role model, and we’re beyond grateful to have someone as attentive, caring, and intelligent as you in our circle. Your dedication sets a wonderful example for future leaders, professionals, and colleagues, showing that compassion and care can thrive in a professional setting. Your leadership reminds us that making a difference starts with the people around us, and that achieving shared goals is all about teamwork. Thank you for being such a positive force and for embodying the qualities that make our workplace a better place.

Amanda McCue
Vice President, Human Resources & Engagement
Support Office | Nominator: Maura Richardson

I have worked with Amanda for a total of 12+ years and the past 6 years at VetStrategy. I watched her grow and evolve from an individual contributor to a national leader with a team of HR subject matter experts. Throughout her journey, she has grown personally and professionally, including growing her family with two sons. She has evolved and developed personally and professionally. She is a generous leader who “pays it forward” by ensuring she coaches and teaches her team. Her sole focus is building relationships and ensuring her team provides support and guidance to the clinics and teams within our company. She has a balance of head, hands, and heart and that is how she leads every day.

A huge thank you to all our incredible team members who make a positive difference every day to colleagues, animal patients and clients everywhere, enabling us to provide world-class veterinary care for millions of animals every year, as we work together to deliver our promise of Healthy Animals, Happy Owners.



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