International Women’s Day, marked annually on March 8 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action to inspire inclusion, and our team members, both in hospitals and at Support Office are celebrating this important date through two campaigns.

For the third year, clinics and hospitals from coast to coast are hosting Claws for a Cause nail trim fundraisers, raising money for local charities supporting women and girls. We’ll be sharing results of this campaign and our 3 winning clinics later this month.

Across the IVC Evidensia network, team members were encouraged to nominate women who, through their actions and leadership, are making a positive impact on their colleagues, patients, and clients, and driving progress and success where they work and within our wider business. We’re thrilled to profile these incredible six women and look forward to sharing additional inspiring team members later this month:

Andreea Peel
Practice Manager | Kingston Road Animal Hospital
Nominator: Dr. Lucia Delgado de la Flor

Andreea has a kind word and a supportive shoulder for whoever asks it of her. She’s always ready to help and support the team any way she can, and she always has their back. As a mother of a young child herself she’s always been there for me whenever I needed some advice or perspective.
Andreea was also nominated by Kelsey Bergeron and Marissa Belarmino.

Dr. Grace Placente
DVM | Valley Veterinary Services
Nominated by: Cindy Arnold

Dr. Placente was a DVM in the Philippines and came to work in Canada as Technician. She joined our team and began her journey to becoming a DVM within our hospital. Dr. Placente will tell you the road was not easy; it was both stressful and humbling. That, however, did not stop her determination to reach her goal. Hours and hours of studying, learning, teaching (because being a leader and a mentor is part of it) and growing was her day-to-day. With each roadblock, she came back stronger and even more determined to reach her goal of becoming a DVM in BC. Once she reached that goal, she started on her path of inspiring our team, continually learning and never giving up – even on the hard days. Her heart is sometimes too big for her, and her clients will agree. I am excited to see her growth over the next few years. Her determination and desire to become a great DVM is going to take her to great places!

Kelley Laan
Practice Manager | Alouette Animal Hospital
Nominator: Chelaine Sheaves

Kelley always strives to make the workplace a safe environment, to have fun and express your feelings. She is understanding and compassionate. Kelley provides a balance of professional and personal experiences to bring to the table to assist in all cases.

Lea Smye
Executive Assistant | Support Office
Nominator: Vanessa Vasilogianis
Lea’s support knows no bounds, extending beyond her immediate team to everyone around her. Her authentic empathy and compassion draws people in, creating a sense of unity within the team. She truly holds everything together.

Lindsay DeWolfe
RVT, Inventory Lead | Sims Animal Hospital
Nominator: Sue Markell
Lindsay has been a rockstar for Team Sims for 13 years, and a Registered Technician for 18 years. Lindsay is a steady, calm teacher of all things veterinary medicine. The rolodex of information that she has accumulated over the years is massive, pertinent, and relatable. Detailed, decisive, and insightful is an RVT’s MO. Lindsay takes it a step further on a daily basis. Every team member, every client receives the same amount of coaching, education, compassion, and challenge to exceed expectations. Always willing to teach, share to improve, challenge, and celebrate success. Ensuring that the patients’ needs are met and exceeded. Lindsay permeates confidence and transfers this to others; they all walk with a slight swagger upon mastering a task that seemed impossible. Lindsay’s passion for veterinary medicine is only second to her passion and zest for life to live at its fullest. We would certainly not be who we are today without her, nor do we want to be.

Dr. Lucia Delgado de la Flor
Medical Director | Kingston Road Animal Hospital
Nominator: Andreea Peel
Lucia excels as a doctor, demonstrating a profound commitment to her patients. Each day, she radiates positivity, making her one of the most uplifting DVMs. Her genuine concern for her patients and meticulous attention to their well-being are truly commendable. Additionally, Lucia extends her care to her staff, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment. We hold deep admiration for her and appreciate the exceptional care she provides.

A huge thank you to all our incredible team members who make a positive difference every day to colleagues, animal patients and clients everywhere, enabling us to provide world-class veterinary care for millions of animals every year, as we work together to deliver our promise of Healthy Animals, Happy Owners.



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