Every year since 2013, hospitals across the VetStrategy network take part in National Cupcake Day. Practice team members bake and sell cupcakes to raise funds for their local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), charities, and other animal welfare groups of their choice. As more and more wonderful clinics joined our network, the initiative has grown with each passing year and 2021 was no different.

Despite the physical distance and challenges brought on by the pandemic, teams, clients and community members were united in helping animals in need and those who champion them. This is a true example of the important role veterinary centers play in their communities. Their service goes beyond providing medical care for their patients – they are often seen as the “beating hearts” of their areas and, as trusted figures, they bring people together to help with important causes.
More veterinary hospitals participated than ever before, including practices who recently joined our network, as well as several Quebec-based teams who are part of the Daubigny umbrella of our organization. This year, team members from 27 hospitals joined forces to help cherished animals and wildlife in need.

Raising The Bar

Due to Covid-19, six Vancouver Island practices in our network decided to do things a bit differently this year. They partnered with a local vendor to sell Cupcake Bars instead of their usual homemade desserts. Collectively, all participating hospitals sold 670 Cupcake Bars and raised over $1,200.

Cupcake Decorating Contest

In addition to raising awareness about the important work of their chosen non-profits, the Cupcake Decorating Contest is also a key part of Cupcake Day at VetStrategy – especially for practices with a competitive spirit! Teams submit their creative cupcake designs for review and those with the best-decorated treats win additional money from VetStrategy to donate to their charities. Winners are selected from votes submitted by Head Office team members. This year, the competition levelled up so much we had to include a fourth-place winner too!

Check out this year’s most photogenic delights!

Before the Bridge – Senior K9 Rescue takes in neglected or surrendered senior dogs, helping them find permanent, loving homes to live out their days. Each rescued dog is protected from the moment they come to the rescue, until they cross the rainbow bridge.

K9 Advocates Rescue provides rural First Nation communities with assistance in managing the overpopulation of stray dogs. They also help owners pay for different kinds of veterinary procedures (e.g. spays/neuters).

Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center has been caring for injured, orphaned, wild birds, and small animals since 1986. It first began as a rescue center from Elizabeth’s (the founder) home and soon expanded with construction of aviaries and small housing facilities.

Educazoo is an animal sanctuary whose mission is to provide an adequate habitat for animals throughout their life. Their refuge is home to more than 90 different species for a total of over 500 animals.
And, 95% of their animals are rescues!

Paying It Forward All Year Round

Cupcake Day is just one of the ways we support and encourage our hospitals to be involved with their communities. Our teams participate in countless other charitable initiatives, playing important roles as the voices of cherished animals and fellow animal lovers in their regions.

At VetStrategy, we work with our practices to provide planning and marketing services upon request to help them promote their volunteer and non-profit endeavours.

Learn more about our other community involvement efforts.

You were made to save animals. We take care of the rest.

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