Throughout the 2023 holiday season, clinics and hospitals from across the VetStrategy and Daubigny network, as well as both Support Offices, collected food (pet and human!), personal hygiene items, toys, and more in support of local food banks and social service agencies in their communities, with inspiring results.

A whopping 27,163 pounds in donations were collected this year, beating our 2022 donation by nearly 8,000 pounds! Several practices also fundraised as part of the campaign, with a total of $10,761.98 donated to local charities.

Drumrolls please…
Kudos to our top three clinics, who each received a donation to the charity of their choice:

  • 1st place – Clappison Animal Hospital (Hamilton, ON) in support of Animal Adoptions of Flamborough
  • 2nd place – Walden Animal Hospital (Lively, ON) in support of the Sudbury Food Bank
  • 3rd place – Alcona Animal Hospital (Innisfil, ON) in support of Troy Scott Community Fridge and the Innisfil Food Bank

“We have been working with Animal Adoptions of Flamborough for 38 years” said Clappison Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager Christine Attridge-Hardy. “They are a non-profit organization that struggles to raise the funding to help care for so many pets in need. This year has been extremely hard with the rise of surrendered or abandoned pets. All of our staff look forward to helping in any way we can to offset some of the financial burden that the rescue incurs in caring for these fabulous animals.”

Thank you to all clinic and hospital team members who participated this year – your generosity, desire to give back, and commitment to supporting local charities is inspiring!

To view the full Holiday Donation Drive photo gallery and result details, click here.

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