From left to right, top row to bottom row: Angelina Ta, Anisha Sivasubramaniam, Gabriela Delgado, Sommer Jarvis, Jacey Nyberg, Rafael Machado Zanon, Francesca Ruberto Cain, Jasmine Tharagan, Maggie Daoust, and Jackie You.

Paving the pathway for future trailblazers

  • VetStrategy recently created a one-year $5,000 bursary program. Canadian veterinary students from diverse backgrounds attending or enrolling in one of the five veterinary schools from coast-to-coast for the 2023/2024 school year were invited to apply.
  • This award not only includes financial support for students, but also the opportunity to work with our Talent Acquisition Team to help them through their journey to become veterinarians.
  • Learn more about our ten incredible recipients in this 4-minute read.
Angelina Ta

Angelina is entering her second year of studies at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine! Coming to vet school with a passion for animal behaviour, training, and welfare, she is hoping to make a positive impact in shelter medicine as a veterinarian. That being said, no matter where she ends up in veterinary medicine, her goal is to be of service to and an advocate for those who are vulnerable and cannot speak for themselves.

Anisha Sivasubramaniam

Anisha, the daughter of immigrant parents whose only common language is English, was raised in the suburbs of Montréal. Before embarking on her veterinary studies, she already earned two bachelor’s degrees, followed by a master’s in applied sciences. While she started a professional career in another field, she felt something was missing — her ability to incorporate her passion for animals into her daily life. This realization led her to enroll in the only veterinary school in Quebec. Anisha’s journey, and her decision to enroll in a veterinary program offered solely in French, underscores her dedication to breaking language barriers and embracing the challenge of providing care to beloved pets in both English and French.

Francesca Ruberto Cain

Francesca is a Phase 2 veterinary student at the Ontario Veterinary College. As a biracial and bilingual individual, she aims to prove to future veterinarians that they do have a place in this profession. As a veterinarian, she aims to focus on animal nutrition and small animal emergency medicine. She is extremely thankful for this generous award and all the opportunities it will provide. Francesca looks forward to fostering diversity in the veterinary field, achieving her personal goals as a doctor, and inspiring future generations of DVMs.

Gabriela Delgado

Currently enrolled in her third year at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Gabriela’s hope for the future is to complete a rotating internship to gain exposure to all the beautiful fields of veterinary medicine, and to one day specialize in something she truly loves!

Jacey Nyberg

Jacey was born and raised in Prince Albert, a gateway city to Northern Saskatchewan, and is now a third-year veterinary student at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). Her hope as a veterinarian is to practice mixed animal medicine, also offering emergency and critical care. In her years at the WCVM, she hopes to gather skills and abilities that will be useful as a general practice vet, as well as providing resources and veterinary care for Northern communities.

Jackie You

Jackie is a third-year vet student at the Ontario Veterinary College. In the future, she plans on becoming a small animal veterinarian. She also has interests in surgery and wildlife medicine.

Jasmine Tharagan

Jasmine is entering her second year at the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and is excited to keep learning and growing as a clinician. After working at a mixed animal practice this summer, Jasmine discovered a passion for working with species of all shapes and sizes. She looks forward to opening doors and fostering an inclusive environment in the years to come as a practicing veterinarian.

Maggie Daoust

Maggie is entering Phase 3 at the Ontario Veterinary College. Her hope as a veterinarian is to create a welcoming environment for clients, where they feel supported while caring for their pet.

Rafael Machado Zanon

Rafael is a fifth year veterinary student at Université de Montréal who is passionate about pet surgery. Being from a Brazilian family, his sensitivity to cultural diversity inspires him to promote inclusion in the veterinary field. The emphasis he places on cultural heritage drives him to look at his future career from a unique perspective.

Sommer Jarvis

Entering Year 3 at the Ontario Veterinary College, Sommer is primarily interested in small animal medicine and is excited about building her skills in surgery this year.

Through the Positive Pawprint strategy, the VetStrategy Diversity Bursary for Canadian Veterinary Students is part of our wider commitment to supporting diversity across both the veterinary profession and across the IVC Evidensia group.

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