VetStrategy Manager’s Retreat 2014!

September 9, 2014

We are live from Vaughan!

VetStrategy is excited to be bringing our clinic management team together for 3 days of continuing education. This week we are helping our managers learn some tips & tricks to keep their clinics running smoothly and offering solutions for various road blocks that they often face. Day one starts now with a kick off day for the newest members of the VetStrategy team of managers. We are welcoming team members from the Greater Moncton Area, Sudbury, Edmonton, southern Ontario and even all the way from Comox, British Columbia.

Today we are covering topics specific to new managers like the Manager’s Binder, Digital Strategies, an introduction to available tools from the VetStrategy network and much more.

We are kicking off the full event this evening by attending the Toronto Blue Jays game. With the entire management team from the network being in town, we are looking forward to a fun filled 3 days of manager retreat fun!