Why VetStrategy

Our operating model is simple. We work with our veterinarian partners to acquire ownership in veterinary hospitals, and then help in the management of these practices. This allows the veterinarians to focus on practicing first-rate medicine, and allows the clinic’s staff, clients and patients to benefit from experienced business operators and managers.

We operate two core businesses: 1) corporate owned practices, and 2) partner practices.

Reasons Why We Are Chosen Over the Competition

When we asked previous owners why they chose VetStrategy over the competition, their answers were consistently the same:

  • Ability to maintain their hospital’s heritage and culture
  • Freedom to practice medicine their own way without any specific protocols
  • Administrative and management support from field and head office staff
  • Being part of a Canadian operated company

24 Hour Hospitals

Among our growing network, we manage sixteen 24 hour hospitals which we understand have different needs than our regular practices. Our teams respect the relationship that clients have established with their primary veterinarian and work with surrounding hospitals to support their clientele during emergencies. We focus on client communication and compassion to ensure a positive experience when clients are faced with the emotional stress of an emergency visit. Our 24 hour hospitals employ veterinarians and staff that have been trained in emergency care procedures and have the medical equipment required to provide critical care to patients with immediate life-threatening conditions.

Supporting our Hospitals

We deliver responsible operational and financial management support for clinics through our team of field and head office colleagues. When your hospital staff needs advice or support, we are here to help.

Business Development

Provide practice owners with valuable insights on current industry trends and offer direction for practice preparation and transition planning.

Corporate Development

Facilitate a smooth acquisition process from valuation to closing, while managing risk, negotiations, communication, and capital requirements.


Deliver comprehensive finance support services to hospitals, including administration of payroll, accounts payable, accounting, taxes, and financial reporting.

HR People Team

Dedicated to all aspects of an employee’s journey, from recruitment, onboarding, continuing education, and career development.

Marketing & Communications

Support hospitals with graphic design services, website maintenance and enhancement, social media advice, and marketing program management.

National & Field Operations

Provide the day-to-day support necessary to develop hospitals and allow our teams to focus on delivering excellent patient and client care.

Practice Transition

Provide guidance and support to clinics and hospitals joining our network by assisting with transition activities such as accounts, payroll, banking, and training.

Real Estate & Facilities

Support hospitals with leasing, landlord relationships, building maintenance and repairs, renovations, and the purchase of equipment, furniture and fixtures.

Systems & IT

Provide set up, training and support of hardware and networking infrastructure to ensure hospitals have the required technology to deliver excellent service.