Discovery Day

If you are considering succession planning in the next 5 years, we should talk! It is our goal to have a strong, long and healthy relationship with our partners and our hospitals. In that regard, we believe that “fit” is incredibly important. To understand if the “fit” is good, we have created a way for you to get a true sense of how we operate as an organization – the Discovery Day.

What is a Discovery Day?

No matter where your hospital is located, we would like to have you as our guest for a day at our head office in Woodbridge, Ontario. The day includes:

  • Visiting several of our hospitals
  • Meeting directly with hospital staff including managers, veterinarians, and former owners
  • Touring the Head Office to see where it all happens
  • Meeting our teams including recruitment, transition, operations, marketing, and finance
  • Learning more about our training and CE approach
  • Discovering what we do to help support our practices