RVT Appreciation Month!

October 5, 2021

At VetStrategy, we know that Registered Veterinary Technologists/Technicians (RVT) are an extremely important part of the animal healthcare team. Every day their agility to assume many different roles helps provide animals with the highest quality healthcare. RVTs work hard to earn their credentials and we wanted to show our appreciation for all they do.

To celebrate National RVT Appreciation week, we asked RVTs from our VetStrategy network to share their experiences and stories.

What do you love most about being an RVT?

"I love surgery! I love being able to assist in providing a necessary service to peoples' pets. I take my responsibility of ensuring the animal has a smooth full anesthetic experience very seriously. This is my Top priority. From the moment I admit my patient, to sedation, induction, surgical time, and recovery- I want to provide the best care. It is my passion to keep myself educated on the most recent protocols, drugs, and techniques related to anesthesia. Being a surgical technician is my favorite part of my job!"

Janis Wall
Petfocus Westwood Hills
Nova Scotia

"To help the animals. Whether it's cleaning a gross mouth, monitoring anesthetic and recovering with them after a much-needed surgery, helping run the tests that determine what's wrong and aid in making them better, or just talking with clients to help them understand what is needed of them to make their beloved pets feel better."

Jennifer O'Driscoll
Cobequid Animal Hospital
Nova Scotia

"I have been an RVT for close to ten years, I have left and come crawling back because there is nothing quite like being a veterinary technician. You are always learning and changing to provide the best care for your patients and your team. I love being a different person everyday, sometimes I'm a radiology technician, an anesthetist, a source of education/help or even just a shoulder to cry on."

Candice Lachner
Lomsnes Veterinary Hospital

What fuels your passion for this career?

"In an ever-changing field, I am fueled by knowledge. I love that this field is dedicated to being the best source of up-to-date and professional information. There is such a wide range of continuing education available. I like that there are so many areas of this profession to take advantage of and there is always something new I can learn."

Shannon Smith
Mission Ridge Animal Hospital

"The desire to always learn and challenge myself is what fuels me. In the past few years, I have moved into management where I am using all of my skills and knowledge in a different way. I have worked with so many wonderful, intelligent, like-minded individuals over the years and find that they can make even the craziest days better."

Heidi McAllister
Little Creek Veterinary Clinic

"I love to learn new things and be able to work with my team to provide clients and patients with the best care we can give. I also enjoy training new grads to help ignite their passion and ensure they are working to their potential."

Rayleen Valentine
Crossroads Animal Hospital

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become an RVT?

"Some days will be full of joy, laughter and puppy kisses. Other days will be heart-wrenching, difficult and seemingly never-ending. No matter which day you’re experiencing, you will always be making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners, but please be sure to look out for yourself as well. Keep your physical and mental health at the forefront of your priorities because you can’t help others if you don’t also help yourself."

Leigh Greer
Toronto Animal Health Partners Emergency and Specialty Hospital

"Medicine is challenging as there is not always one right answer, not always a textbook plan or treatment. Things can suddenly change or go wrong. Our jobs involve so many different variables and it’s never the same which keeps things interesting. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging but, also extremely rewarding because our patients offer so much love, forgiveness, trust, and patience. It’s amazing to be a part of."

Bronwe Belsky
Van Isle Vet and Campbell River Vet
British Columbia

"Have a sense of humour! The veterinary industry can be tough - people aren't always very nice, but being able to laugh and make jokes with your work family helps let go of that negativity."

Katie Frost
Southpointe Pet Hospital

Anything else you would like to share about being an RVT?

"I love being an RVT and the flexibility it gives me in my career. My educational opportunities never end, I enjoy learning new ways to help manage pain and discomfort through multi-modal approaches. Volunteering with the Canadian Animal Assistance Team has helped to cultivate my technician, leadership and organizational skills. The travel and cultural experiences are beyond words and I have formed some lifelong friendships across Canada. Partnering with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank has recently offered me an opportunity to help our hospital, community and animals across Canada via blood banking clinics. I feel that opportunities as an RVT are endless, we just need to be open to new adventures!"

Trina Legge
British Columbia

"It’s easy to put your mental health on the back burner for this job, but your mental health is more important than any job. Take time for yourself outside of work, and respect your own healthy work boundaries. Better mental health creates a better work environment, and a better quality of life for yourself!"

Cassidy Anderson
Aldergrove Animal Hospital
British Columbia

"Being an RVT (and a Practice Manager) is a part of who I am. It's incredibly challenging, but also one the most rewarding things I get to do everyday. I wouldn't be anywhere without my wonderful team."

Leah MacPherson
Elmwood Veterinary Hospital
New Brunswick

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