The most flexible partnership on the market

At VetStrategy, we believe it’s always easier to enjoy the ride when you have a partner to share it with.

We want to make a difference in the lives of people who have dedicated themselves to veterinary medicine.

That’s why we partner with veterinarians to achieve our mutual goals and share responsibilities as business owners navigating an ever-evolving market. By combining our respective skill sets, we’re able to offer patients and clients the very best.


Turn your vision into action

You're considering ownership

You want to acquire your first veterinary practice and are exploring the possibilities. Maybe you’ve been offered a stake in the practice you currently work for. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of opening a practice of your own.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted partner who respects your vision, shares the risks, and brings proven Canadian practice management experience to the table?

Whatever your dream, we can help make it happen!


Take the ball and run with it

You're ready for the next step

You have a relatively successful veterinary practice, but the business isn’t what it was when you first started out as an owner. Or maybe you’ve got tons of great ideas, but lack the time and resources to get the ball rolling.

Have you considered bringing on a new partner—someone who can help you focus on what you do best to take your practice to the next level?

Now’s the time to step up your game!


Make the transition

You're in the home stretch

You’ve built up a veterinary practice that you can be proud of. Now it’s time to start thinking about your exit strategy. Maybe you’d like to continue caring for animals, but without all the responsibilities of ownership?

Have you considered the different ways VetStrategy can help? We could come on board as the sole partner or with someone from your practice who’s ready to team up with us.

Get ready to enjoy the rest of your life!

Why choose VetStrategy


To preserve your clinic’s unique culture and legacy


To practice veterinary medicine your way, without any specific protocols


To benefit from administrative and managerial support from people in the largest field and head office team


To be part of a Canadian led and operated company

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