Career FAQs & Videos

Team members from across Canada have shared their thoughts on what it’s like to work at hospitals that are part of the VetStrategy network. These videos are the result of their feedback, providing insight into the life of veterinary team members. They include testimonials from veterinarians, technicians, practice managers, customer care representatives, and more.

What our veterinarians say…

Why do DVM graduates like being part of the VetStrategy network?

In this video, early career veterinarians share how being part of our network helped them connect with talented mentors who guide them through complicated surgeries, client communications, and everything in between. Thanks to the example set by our teams, they are empowered to create solid foundations for their professional journeys.

How do our veterinarians measure success?

In this video, veterinarians explain how client compliance, improving the quality of life of their patients, and knowing that they are prioritizing their personal well-being and that of their team, helps them feel fulfilled in their profession.


Why do veterinarians enjoy being part of VetStrategy?

In addition to support from experienced management teams at VetStrategy, hospitals in our network also have access to sister clinics and other veterinary professionals across the country.

In this video, veterinarians share how that community opens them up to mentorship and collaboration opportunities.


What does a veterinarian career with VetStrategy offer?

As curious and goal-oriented individuals, the ability to grow and learn is important for veterinarians. In this clip, some of our DVMs elaborate on the professional development and continuing education programs that they can access.

What our veterinary technicians and technologists say…

What does a veterinary technician career with VetStrategy offer?

Veterinary technicians and technologists are master multi-taskers, and in traditional hospital settings are often burdened with extra administrative tasks that take their focus away from their medical expertise. Here, our vet techs shed light on how the VetStrategy model helps them have more in-depth consultations with clients. Our national network of hospitals also offers them career mobility, giving them the option of living wherever they prefer.

What our team members say…

What is the culture at a hospital that is part of the VetStrategy network?

Our hospital teams continue to thrive by supporting each other and actively maintaining a positive work environment. Not only do they provide excellent care for their patients, they also ensure that their team members feel valued and proud of their work. In this video, our caring teammates explain how this tight-knit approach looks like on a daily basis.

How does VetStrategy contribute to career growth?

At VetStrategy, we value and appreciate our talented team members. In this feature, team members highlight the avenues for exploring specialties and promotions that are available to them.

What benefits does VetStrategy offer?

As part of our nation-wide community, our teams have access to benefits and perks that are often unavailable by independent practices. Upgraded equipment, support services (e.g. marketing and design services, IT support, payroll, recruitment etc.), as well as health, dental, and vision care are just some of the benefits that are contributing to VetStrategy being #TheBestPlaceToWork.

Inspiring our practice managers…

Managers Retreat

Every year, for 4 days, we gather all our practice managers from across Canada, together in one location.  Through workshops and interactive presentations, we share best practices and learn from speakers and experienced team members. We connect, inspire one another, celebrate, and most importantly, we have fun!


Our commitment to continuing education…

At VetStrategy, our commitment is to give our team members the knowledge and tools needed to do what you love. To further your education, we provide easy access to hundreds of veterinary courses, available using medical webinars, online tools, or in-person lectures.



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