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For hospital management opportunities in Québec, please visit our sister company, Groupe vétérinaire Daubigny.

Pour connaître les possibilités de carrière au Québec, veuillez visiter notre compagnie sœur, Groupe vétérinaire Daubigny.

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What our people are saying

In the world of veterinary medicine, no two days are alike. As a practice manager, my role is to oversee all aspects of the hospital. It often involves floating into several positions throughout the day to support the needs of my team, our clients, and the practice.

Every day I get to witness this remarkable show that starts as soon as the curtains go up at 8 am. It takes us on an unpredictable journey filled with proud first-time pet owners, wagging tails, stressed and often vulnerable clients, success stories, lifesaving
procedures, and gut-wrenching heartbreaks. 

Even after 18 years at Van Isle, I still have those moments where I look at my team in awe.
They are superheroes. As their manager, it is my role to support and encourage my team along the way. Being a part of VetStrategy has given me the opportunity to build a connection with other managers within our network. Just a phone call away, we leverage each other’s skills and experiences from all across Canada.

Candice Pacholuk
Practice Manager, Van Isle Veterinary Hospital (BC)