This October marked Canada’s 6th annual RVT Month. As the leading network of veterinary hospitals in the country, we celebrated our registered veterinary technicians by sharing their unique insights into the field. They put on many hats throughout the day and have a perspective of their own when it comes to veterinary medicine. RVTs help ensure patients receive proper care, clients are guided and comforted, and teammates are supported in their roles.

Meet some of our inspiring technicians below:

1. Shannon Chase
Cambrian Animal Hospital (Sudbury, ON)

What’s the most memorable case you have ever seen?
When one of our canine patients ate his owner’s prosthetic eye! The value of the hand-painted, custom designed eye was $15,000. We induced vomiting in the patient, and it was a unique experience to see the vomit “looking” at us when the prosthetic eye came out!

What do you love most about being an RVT?
No two days are the same. One day could be filled with sick or injured patients and the next day could be nothing but puppies or kittens – that keeps my brain engaged!

What would you tell your younger self when starting your RVT career?
The RVT career path is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding. The work is meaningful and fulfilling so enjoy the ride. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Tyler Hobbs
Britannia Kingsland Veterinary Clinic (Calgary, AB)

What would you tell your younger self when starting your RVT career?
As much as we are taught, things can’t always be done as you would hope in the ‘ideal’ situation. You must be resourceful, be good at prioritizing, and coming up with solutions to situations you aren’t expecting.

What do you love most about being an RVT?
I have been a tech for a long time, but what I still love the most is surgery and diagnostic imaging. What we can do surgically to help animals is incredible. The advances in imaging over the years have made it so much quicker and easier to make a diagnosis of sick patients.

What excites you most about the profession?
Having an amazing team dynamic. One where everyone is passionate and works hard to make sure we are doing the best for our patients and clients. We have an exceptionally good team, and we are incredibly lucky.

3. Vanessa Laurin Labrèche
Hôpital vétérinaire de Rawdon (Rawdon, QC)

What’s the most memorable case you have ever seen?
We had, in emergency, a Bernese Mountain Dog who had a Kong ball stuck in the back of his throat. Luckily, he could still breathe thanks to the well oriented hole. We managed to extract it and threw the ball away afterwards. Since then, the client buys bigger sized toys, and the pet is always under supervision.

What would you tell your younger self when starting your RVT career?
Go for it! Take your time to do things well instead of rushing everything and wanting to do it all at once. The weight of the world is not on your shoulders, you have your whole team supporting you!

What do you love most about being an RVT?
Working with animals, being able to treat them, and helping people take care of their animals.

At VetStrategy, RVTs and clinic staff are top priorities all year round. Aside from celebrations like RVT Month, they have access to resources and opportunities to help them thrive in their careers and lives outside of work, any time of year.

  • Job Opportunities: Direct access to open positions at our 360+ hospitals across Canada. They can explore different career paths and types of practice – from equine care to exotics, farm animals to alternative medicine, and everything in between.
  • Continuing Education: Animal Care Technology webinars and a generous yearly allowance for ongoing training are available for our RVTs.
  • Community Involvement: We encourage all our staff to support charitable causes they are passionate about through multiple programs. For example, each VetStrategy practice has an OSCAR Fund within their clinic to help disadvantaged clients. RVTs and their clinics can also apply for an IVC Evidensia Community Grant to donate to a non-profit of their choice.
  • Benefits and Perks: Medical and life insurance, as well as major discounts on animal products and services are provided for our technicians.

For more details on how we support and show care to our RVTs, please feel free to connect with our team. You can also click here to learn more about what it’s like to be an RVT at a VetStrategy practice.

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