Office Pets

Bandit - VetStrategy Chief Animal Officer
Chief Animal Officer

My name is Bandit, and I am a 10-year-old Border Collie cross leaving paw prints forever on your heart.

I am also known as the office ninja. You won’t notice I’m there until you feel my breath on your knee, probably because I’m looking for a treat. Sometimes I will even walk away and come back hoping that you’ve forgotten that you have already given me one. Every so often, I get lucky if I give people what they call ‘puppy dog eyes’.

The photo is of me with my favourite toy in the office. Check out that leg – it sticks out because of a surgery I had a year ago but I think it adds character.

Mom: Ruth Hendershot

Mr. Pickles Chief Feline Officer
Mr. Pickles
Chief Feline Officer

My name is Mr. Pickles and I have quite the story. After being hit by a car in 2008, the Toronto Humane Society helped me get back on my paws and found me my furever home. My new parents initially named me Pickles, but over the years I got promoted. After all, being 18-years-old requires some respect and with this much seniority, I have earned the privilege to be called “Mister.”

My parents love my charming personality and describe me as demanding. Sometimes, after spending the whole day away from me, my Mom has the audacity to read a book or talk to her friends on the phone. When that happens, I have no choice but to sit on whatever it is that she’s reading or nudge the phone away from her hands.

I love it when my Mom and Dad’s friends (a.k.a. my fans) come over because they always give me toys. Sparkle balls are my favourite. I love to lie on my bed, on my back, while my Mom throws my sparkle balls directly at me to catch. Sometimes she misses, but I am very patient with her until she gets it right. If I give her the right look, her aim improves considerably!

Since exercise isn’t really my thing, I’ve gained a few extra pounds. My parents tried to put me on a restrictive diet, but it didn’t go well. Let’s just say that they had many sleepless nights during that phase and have since realized that I am beautiful just the way I am.

I’d like to go with my Mom to her office, but I prefer to work from home. To ensure everyone remembers who I am, my mom includes my photo in many of her presentations, posters, and emails. Apparently, I am quite the celebrity.

Mom: Amanda McIninch

Dylan - VetStrategy Lead Food Inspector
Lead Food Inspector

My name is Dylan! I am a 10-year-old Basenji with a big appetite and high energy.

When I walk into the office, everyone seems to put their garbage bins in places I can’t reach. You would think pulling out their scraps from lunch was a bad thing!

One time during a birthday celebration, they decided to hide the cake in a locked room so I couldn’t get to it. Lucky for me, someone left the door open, and I knew that was my chance! When it came time to sing happy birthday, my secret about taste-testing the cake was out. My mom was less than impressed, but everyone else thought it was funny! As Lead Food Inspector and comedian, it’s never a dull moment at Head Office.

Mom: Stephanie Bruno

Ellie - VetStrategy Coordinator of Puppy Affairs
Coordinator of Puppy Affairs

My name is Ellie, a 3-month-old Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain + Poodle), and I just passed my probation! My dad says it is because I finally stopped having accidents at work, but a puppy’s gonna do what a puppy’s gonna do.

I recently graduated from socialization class. How cute do I look in my cap? I have developed my skills in working well with other dogs and have mastered what people call ‘puppy dog eyes’ which guarantees getting lots of treats. Between mid-day naps and playtime, I always have a full schedule at Head Office.

For all things puppy related, I am happy to help!

Dad: Adel Jalabi

Trigger - VetStrategy Energy Enthusiast
Energy Enthusiast

My name is Trigger, and I am a 5-year-old Vizsla who likes to keep the office energy high and the treats coming often.

You can spot me from a mile away with my copper toned fur and my dashing orange collar. I’m known for walking myself around the office with my leash in my mouth. Since I enjoy getting lots of exercise throughout the day, I may have greeted you outside when my mom Robyn was taking me for a walk. If not, you can find me playing with Bandit’s toys and making friends with the other office pets.

When someone comes to visit mom at her desk, I sit up with a wagging tail and my best puppy dog eyes in hopes that they have brought me a treat. And sometimes… they do!

Mom: Robyn Richardson

Bandit #2 & Buddy - VetStrategy Mentee and Mentor
Bandit #2 & Buddy
Mentee and Mentor

Our names are Bandit and Buddy, two 7-year-old Springerdoodles ready to keep you on your toes every moment of the day. We came from the same litter of pups and have been together since day one. Although you can often find us twinning, we couldn’t be more different in our personalities.

Buddy: “I’m the shy one. I always listen to my mom and follow her everywhere she goes. When she walks to the kitchen, I walk to the kitchen. When she goes to the restroom, I sit outside, waiting to see her again. I’m considered the A+ student at home, especially compared to Bandit. I’ve learned the more you listen, the more treats and head pats you get. Mom tells me I have to lead by example and hope that my brother will follow suit. I love him, but he never listens!”

Bandit: “You could say I am a curious canine. Whenever mom brings me to the office, I like to wander around for food and belly rubs. Mom thinks I rebel against her, but who doesn’t love treats and belly rubs? I should be looking up to Buddy as a mentor, but I am proud to be on a Permanent Performance Improvement Plan! With my big personality and mischievous ways, they tell me I am a rule breaker, but I like to keep things entertaining.

Food tends to get me into the most trouble. I’ve had my stomach pumped twice in 3 months. On Valentine’s Day, I stole an excessive amount of chocolate and ate it all. Mom wasn’t sure which one of us ate it, so they pumped both of our stomachs. Only I had eaten it though – sorry, Buddy! I can’t help it. I LOVE food, and I will stop at nothing to locate it, consume it quickly, and pretend I did nothing. If I get questioned, I give my sweet ‘what did I do’ look, and all is forgiven.”

Mom: Maura Richardson