Vet Mentorship Program

Congratulations on being a new graduate! We’re so excited for you to take this journey through veterinary medicine, and we understand your needs right now are likely different than those who’ve been working in the field for years.

With VetStrategy’s Veterinarian New Graduate Mentorship Program, you’ll learn directly from our community of veterinarians or board-certified specialists in our vast network of professionals who are committed to supporting your training.

How the mentorship works

Make the most of your learning experience through working one-on-one with an experienced veterinary professional who will mentor you every step of the way. You’ll be matched with a mentor based on your location and areas of interest.


You will work with your mentor over an 8-week period in their practice, while being fully integrated into their care team. Hands-on experience will allow you to build your confidence and enhance your professional development to ensure you are successful starting your career in veterinary medicine.


Your training will be customized to meet your needs and unique skills. Being able to solidify your skillset from the start of your career will allow for future possibilities to explore other discipline areas and specializations. And as you discover more areas of interest, you can access the many learning opportunities that we offer our team.


You are part of the larger team. Your mentor will ensure that you can collaborate with and feel supported by all members of the practice. Working with others is an excellent chance to learn about the operations of the practice and the various roles that allow the organization to be successful at providing excellent care.


You’ll have many avenues to obtain knowledge. In addition to your mentor and the team, you’ll have access to an extensive online library to expand your knowledge. You’ll also be encouraged to use the digital wellness platform, LifeSpeak, to educate and support you through mental health concerns that can be prevalent within this industry.


You’ll qualify for the Vet Mentorship Program if you:

  • Hold a DVM degree from an accredited school
  • Are a new or recent graduate (up to a year after graduation)
  • Must be employed by a VetStrategy hospital

Our talent acquisition team can help you determine if you qualify to participate!

Hospitals and clinics

The right opportunity is just around the corner. With unique practices across Canada, you’ll be matched with a location and mentor that is best for your needs and career goals.

Connect with our team

Example of a mentorship schedule

Your situation will be customized for you, but it can be helpful to see an example of what a mentorship rotation could look like.

Why choose VetStrategy's mentorship program


Opportunities beyond mentorship

You’ll be supported beyond your 8-week program.

Our network continues to grow which means more opportunities for you. You’ll be a valued member of the largest, fully Canadian-operated network of its kind with over 300 practices and more than 4,000 dedicated team members. Our team is your network.

You will also have access to extensive support services and resources that will allow you to continually grow in the field. We really hope that after your mentorship is completed that you’ll want to stay!


In-depth experience and one-on-one approach

You can be confident that your mentorship will be a very through and in-depth experience. In most cases, practices mentor just one new graduate at a time so that you receive the attention and education you deserve.

Matching you with the right mentor is an important part this program. Your veterinarian mentor will be someone who can teach you the skills you want to develop, in the areas you’re interested in exploring.


Compensation and benefits

To participate in the mentorship program, you’ll already be employed by VetStrategy, which means you’ll continue to receive benefits while you’re being mentored.

And when working in one of the participating hospitals, you will be enrolled in our Emergency Hospital Appreciation Program.

Travel and accommodation allowances may also be provided if your mentorship requires relocation for the duration of your training.